I’m at the airport! I packed my notes, so my DefCon day 3 post will have to wait until I get home.

All in all I had an awesome time, but I can’t wait to see my sweet and the kids and the bump. Getting out of the reality distortion field will be good as well.

I’ve been here since the 29th; it’s exhausting to keep going for so long, especially with the booze and food and 3 hours of sleep a night and crowds. Were it up to me, I’d just go to DefCon, as I get the most out of it, but my company has a policy of no conferences without training. Annoying, but there you go. Might be easier in the future now that DefCon has workshops. The only issue is that the workshops are at the same time as the talks.

Good times. I did things I wanted to do, got to see P&T, met awesome people, an had an all around good time. Rio fits DefCon well, and I’m glad that it’ll be there next year. Too bad I won’t. The announced dates are at the tail end of our trip to Croatia next year. Unless we fly directly to Vegas from Zagreb… Hmm, probably not. 2013 then!