My jealousy rages as I follow the #renosf twitter feed. How I wish, how I wish I was there…

To make up for the lack of Renovation this year (and ChiCon next year, alas), I have a three-fold plan: I am going to Can-Con in September (assuming my sweet doesn’t pop that weekend… Hey, you never know!), SFEraKon/EuroCon 2012 in April and I just bought a supporting membership for the London 2014 bid for WorldCon. I just have to figure out something to do in 2013. I’ll obviously go to Can-Con again, if you are wondering. How could I not? It’s. Right. There.

One funny thing about EuroCon 2012 is the payment system. They are only accepting bank transfers. It’s actually cheaper for me to buy my membership when I arrive than ahead of time, even though it’s twenty Kuna more. The international bank transfer fee is fifty Kuna. That’s thirty Kuna I could spend on beers! NB: Fifty Croatian Kuna is slightly less than ten bucks, and the most I paid for a local beer this spring (Tolkien House and HopDevil aside) was fifteen Kuna, so there.

I have also made a pledge to myself that I will have made at least one sale by the time WorldCon 2014 rolls around, and I intend on making good on it. That being said, back to writing!


(ED: I also have made a pledge to not hit the “publish” button before I’m actually done writing a post. Sigh.)