So! Can-Con has put up a tentative schedule! w00t! Panels look interesting and fun, and they contain, on a quick skim, a good cross-section of Canadian genre fiction writers (including half the Tesseracts 15 contributors), artists, fans, and Ed the Sock. They even have a panel in the pool area on Sunday! That’s a bit silly, but hey! Why not?

Am I excited? A tad.

PS: short post as I already wrote 1200 words in the last 90 minutes! And I’m getting all exclamation marky from lack of sleep! Wheee!

PPS: a note from Farrell McGovern: Please note, due to Duncan McGregor being ill, there are some major mistakes in the schedule…it also includes some people that we don’t know if they are showing up…or may not have asked! Don’t go yelling and screaming to them saying we have scheduled them…it’s because we are pulling from multiple sources and some things/people we hoped to be there may not have been contacted or agreed yet. I did say *tentative*!!!!
This is a “many eyes catch many bugs” scenario! So let us know so we can fix it!


ED: They updated the link, so I did too!