So, remember back in July when I posted this picture:

I have whittled it down to this:


To read shelf - after

Not bad! Though I admit that I didn’t finish Reap the Wild Wind by Julie Czerneda; I just couldn’t get into it. You might also note that there are two books there that weren’t there in July, to which I say, “Hey, Christmas happens!” and “Thanks, Sweet!”.  Also, while the Fuller Memorandum still isn’t in the picture, I have ascertained its location, so life can go on. The iPad is no longer there as I read all the books in it that I had mentioned. Mr. Monster and Self-Editing for Fiction Writers (which I did end up buying, BTW) are in my “currently reading” pile, and I shall finish them by New Years  (I read the first third of Mr. Monster waiting for my car’s software update (!!!), so I’m confident I’ll be done), so I will include them in my numbers.

I use LibraryThing to catalog my books and track my reading, so I will point you to my list there instead of copying and pasting it here. I will break down the stats and intangibles here though, for both yours and my pleasure.

So here is my list for 2011!

There are 38 books there, somewhat surprising given that I have so many offspring. But I read fast, and I had a few trips this year. The 38 broke down like so:

  • 12 graphic novels (another way to get through this many, I guess)
  • 9  books that I read specifically to vote for the Hugos (Blackout/All Clear don’t count as I had them already)
  • 12 e-books (other than Destiny’s Blood, these came from either the Hugo Pack or LibraryThing Early Reviewers)
  • 4 non-fiction, including 1 memoir, 1 sociological essay, and two books on writing
  • 3 audiobooks (almost 4. I’m 2/3 of the way through  Moby Dick at the mo. It is heavy lifting, even in audio format)
  • 13 library books (Go OPL!)
  • 13 of the 21 books I listed in my July reading list (plus 2 that I read that weren’t part of that list)

In general, the books that I read this year amused me, or captured my attention (or were contractually obligated on me), and due to the time crunch I have, if I didn’t like something, I just stopped reading it. Sorry Julie. The only exception to this was The Overton Window, by the great Patriot, Glenn Beck. I got through this with the howlingly derisive commentary found on Shakesville. Read a chapter, read Deeky’s take on the chapter. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. I don’t think I could have stomached it otherwise.


I would recommend any of the books that made it to 3 1/2  stars. Real stand-outs are The Dervish House, Blackout/All Clear, and the Laundry series of books.

Don’t know if I’ll get to book three of the Laundry anytime  soon, as I’m cracking open The Eye of the World on Jan 1. Wish me luck!