I would like to get my lovely wife a certain book that she is constantly taking out of the library then having to return it as, yet again, someone else requested it.  It is one of those low production books that I haven’t been able to find anywhere in Canada.  In fact, the only place (online) that I’ve found is Amazon.com.  With the whole hurly burly going on now I’m less inclined to send them my money at the moment.

“But wait,” you say, “aren’t you also punishing the author by not buying her book?”

That, my friend, is where I’m getting dilemmaed. On the one hand, this author has been consistently not alive for almost a dozen years, and so is probably past the point of caring; on the other, her estate would probably benefit, and sweetie of mine would be happy.

Update: Problem solved.  I ordered it directly from the publisher.  That works.