We all went to my Mum’s house for our Easter Lunch as usual. I had a secondary task: finding this model kit:



Kid #1 has become fascinated with the Lancaster bomber in the Canadian Aviation Museum, and has begged me to get a model of one. Ha ha! thought I, I have one of those in my pile of unmade models in the basement. Oh, not there, I guess it’s at Mum’s. Oh, she can’t find it. Uh-oh. Obviously this story has a happy ending, as the photo shows (I found it under the stairs, which generally means I have to get rid of the box pronto, as it stinks of mildew. Hopefully this hasn’t affected the plastic. I’ll let you know). There’s three models in there, of the Lanc, Hurricane and Spitfire featured in the BBMF, and despite the beat-up looking box, there’s only one issue to resolve (the Hurricane prop has a broken blade 🙁 ).

While looking for this box, I came across this beauty:
IIRC my Mum had turned these into curtains for one of us. It dates somewhere between 1972-1974, given the Atlanta Flames logo, and the Golden Seals (!!!) logo are both there but the Scouts (remember them?) and the Capitals aren’t. The last two might be a red-herring though, as the Maple Leafs aren’t there either. What? How does that happen? A factory in Montreal must have made it, back when Montreal had such factories.