I love pizza.  I think I could eat pizza for every meal, every day, and not get tired of it.  Cold pizza for breakfast? Yum!  Dessert pizza from Pizza Hut? Odd idea, but I like it! Yummy cheese, a variety of things you can put on top, chewy if you want, crispy if you want, the choices seem endless!

I say all that, but I say it with a heavy heart (literally?).  I can’t eat it anymore.  The last several times I’ve had pizza, I’ve had a raging stomach ache the next day.   I have one now.  Courtesy of a “Smokin’ 67s” slice and a “Texas Bold’em” slice from Gabriel’s last night.  The slices were awesome; my reaction is not.

So folks, that’s it. I’m done. Please keep having Gabe’s pizzas, they are still good.  I’m just not going to do this to myself anymore.

Let’s see how long this lasts. 🙂

PS: AtD only complained about “Bold’em”.