So, despite all the drama, missed connections, lost boarding passes, lost baggage ticket (!!! I blame the next point for that) and an evil, counterproductive check-in worker, I am actually sitting in my father-in-law’s kitchen.


It could be worse, we almost missed our original flight because of check-in problems which were caused by the person at the desk. We spent an hour at the desk, and he seemed pretty sour that he had to eventually get the flight reopened for us so he could put our luggage through, and had the temerity to blame me for getting there so late (FYI: we were there 2 hours ahead of time). Luckily the flight had an eighty minute delay, which meant we didn’t miss it, and there turns out to be several flights to Zagreb from Frankfurt daily. So much so that we ran into someone we know also going to Zagreb on a later flight. Woo!

So, we got in only an hour and a half late, rather than infinitely late, like it seemed was going to happen at check in.

Boys are asleep, my sweet is off at a concert, and when she returns I will try and convince her to go to Hopdevil for a nice beer before collapsing from exhaustion. Hopdevil, helpfully, is right across the street.