Ed: this time with a title!

I’ve been in Cres for two weeks already! Man, fruit flies like a banana! I’ve managed to be mistaken for someone else twice, once for good, once for bad. A man came up to me on the beach to thank me wholeheartedly for the help I had given him the day before, and a couple of days ago a man berated me for being obnoxiously loud while he was trying to sleep. Such is the life of an archetype…

We’ve settled into a routine:

  • 6am: K3 wakes up, I walk K3 around town, get a croissant and a macchiato
  • 8am: Everyone else wakes up, we have breakfast, and go for caffich, as described in photos previously
  • 10am: Sweet brings K3 home to take a nap, I take K1 and K2 to park or “spit of land beach” (K1’s term), depending on my mood, how close to 10 it actually is
  • 11:45am: depends on above. Park = juice for boys and radler for me. beach = ice cream
  • 12pm: Lunch. If we’ve been to the beach, K2 usually doesn’t want to eat, haven’t figured out why…
  • 1pm: Quiet time. K2 and K3 and I nap, K1 and Sweet read
  • 4pm: Dinner
  • 5pm: K1 and K2 get on the Croatian Mamachari, whip down to the “big beach”, I take K3 in the stroller with all the auxiliary supplies. It takes me much longer to get there.
  • 7:30pm: Kremsnitas/Ice Cream for all! Beer for me!
  • 9pm: Baths and snackety snack
  • 10pm: Bed for boys, reading/glass of wine/dishes/rinsing bathing suits/bed for adults

Wake up and do it all again!

Tomorrow we’ll be doing something different though, as we have booked passage on the Korsaro, a glass bottom boat dolled up as a pirate ship that does a day-long trip to a grotto on the other side of the island. should be fun, especially since all three kids are now comfortable with the water (IE don’t have screaming fits when we try and put them in).

Amazingly, we still have over two weeks remaining of our time in Cres, as we are aiming to get back to Zagreb on the 27th of July.

NB: I don’t have many pics to share as I didn’t bring a “SD to iPhone” adaptor and most pics are on my waterproof camera, as opposed to the phone, which I don’t bring with me most of the time due to fear of losing it. If you click the photo below, it’ll being you to our Cres set.


Croatian Mamachari.