1. how much everyone smokes
    2. grand-parental types wearing less fabric than me
    3. getting changed on the beach
    4. being with the kids 24/7 rather than just after work (and I _mean_ 24/7, K2’s bed is next to ours, and he’s constantly waking up in the middle of the night)
    5. doing very little over a long period of time
    6. how everyone assumes I’m German after listening to my broken Croatian
    7. (new) how everyone assumes I’m Irish after seeing K3’s red hair
    8. going to the beach at 5:30 pm
    9. walking around barefoot. Cres has a rocky, rather than sandy beach, and I can now probably walk across hot coals without noticing. Point in fact: I took the boys on a hike around the bay in my sandals yesterday. It was a three hour walk. My feet would be sore walking to the coffee shop from my desk in the same sandals a month ago
    10. riding in big buses on little roads


  1. the idea that this will eventually end and I have to go back to Canada and “real life” again.
  2. how cheap everything is. We spend at most $50 a day between the five of us.

All in all a good trip so far.