It happens.  I had a lot to do, and little time to do it in, so the social aspects of the Internets had to suffer for a while.  I’ve taken care of some things that I’ve let slip by the wayside; and had some good times with family and friends.

The Kanata United Church Book Fair is coming up in a couple of weeks.  I didn’t go last time for sundry reasons, But I’m ready for a triumphant return!  Honestly, my reading fell off the rails the last few years thanks to other commitments, but I’m back in the game, having read as many books so far this year as I did last.  Oop.  One thing that hung over my head: I hadn’t input any new books into my LibraryThing account for nearly two years!  This is fundamentally important to have up to date before going to such a fair, so I don’t end up with triples of books.  I am looking for books that I really enjoyed as a child that are no longer available in the library(!!!), so that I can pass my love for these stories along to Trevor and Owen.  One that I’m always on the lookout for is The Machine-Gunners by Robert Westall.

Chrispy rented a studio and took photos of us this weekend too. An example:

The black backdrop makes the photo look extremely dramatic, don’t you think?

Plus it was Dan‘s birthday, where he finally joined me in my decrepitude (Note the handsome Dr. Who scarf wearing gentleman in one of the photos on that page).