So the Oscar nominations were released yesterday, and it got me thinking: I don’t go to the cinema as often anymore. There’s a reason, obviously, described in detail here. I’m not whinging, I’m just noticing.

I have been keeping stats for the last five years of my film watching habits. Since January 2006 I’ve seen 497 movies; 53 since January 2009. In this time, I’ve seen 9 in the cinema including 3 Oscar contenders (albeit for Art Direction, Cinematography, Makeup and Score (Sherlock Holmes has two)! In comparison, in our last pre-kid year, I saw 62 at the cinema, but only 9 contenders.  Only 2 of the 9 were in a major category (Adapted Screenplay).  I guess it doesn’t scale.  Is this more of the same not wanting to follow the crowd viz my last post? Who knows.

I don’t think I’m missing out though, as documented. I just find the dramatic shift in focus, well… dramatic.