Dear Chris,

This is your gut. I think you should listen to me a bit more than you do. Do you realize that you missed what might have been the best day for biking this month? I think you do, that’s why you’ve been sending the beer suds of regret my way, each sip tinged with the knowledge that you didn’t earn these calories. And for what? You didn’t bike so you could go spinning tonight. Parse that out and explain how it makes any sense to you. It doesn’t, does it?And how did it feel when the email came from your spinning instructor saying that she cancelled the class thanks to the shenanigans up on the hill? Pretty dumb, I bet. I told you and told you, “Hey, big dummy! Even if you have spinning tonight, it’s not like an hour of biking is going to knock you out, right?” But you wouldn’t listen. Instead you worried about the time, and your knee (which, I have to grant you, still isn’t feeling all that über since the crash a few weeks ago), so you took the car in. And spent over an hour getting home. So much for saving time, dumb-ass. Anyway, I understand you have hockey tomorrow and I don’t want to come between you and your team, so I’ll let it slide if you don’t ride in tomorrow, but I better see you on your bike this Friday, or there will be consequences. I’m talking GE level payback.

Yours respectfully,

Your Gut.