First off, a bunch of posts in a row, as my DSL modem died at home, so I have no access, and I have been too busy while at work to post these…

First full day of alone landed on the first day of bike-to-work week.  After trying and failing to chat with my sweet due to a bad modem,  I met up with Dan for the first half of my ride in.  Work work work work, and home.

I finally got around to mowing the lawn, which was halfway to my knees, and lucked out as I ran out of gas just as I finished.  Took the cover off the pool and discovered the colour green.  Sweep sweep sweep sweep, and shock.

Quick supper of merguez sausage and couscous, then off to my next job, the grinding of my fireplace to slot in the other bookcase that’s been sitting lonely in the basement for the last two years.  Meanwhile, I called my service provider to verify that my modem was actually fried, and didn’t just have to have an arcane series of button pushes to return it to a usable state.  Almost two hours later, I learned that the modem has died, and that the bookcase won’t fit in the spot I want it in without hacking it. Yes, I was on hold on tech support for 2 hours. Pain.  This is what hands-free phones are for.