Not too much on day two.  I biked in with Dan again, though we didn’t follow our original plan.  There was a kiosk handing out maps and brochures and stickers and the like in front of the War Museum, but we ended up leaving 30 minutes later than planned, and I had a 9am meeting to make. Boo.

Work work work.

Dan and I decided to try to meet up on the path on the way home.  We opted to meet at 5:35pm where our paths converge.  We both got there at precisely 5:35!  Sadly, our clocks were not synchronized, so Dan had to wait a minute.  Still pretty good though!

Leftover sausage and couscous for dinner, then off to the Oak, where I met up with Dan, Steve and Jen and had beers and wings and good conversation until fairly late (for a work night).

Liz, of my spinning class fame, put in a special guest appearance as she was there with some people too, after having cycled around in the forest behind the beaver pond.