Well, that was amazing.

I was right up against the stage too, so my ears are ringing, and I was next to this huge group of hilariously stoned teenagers.  It was a good time.  There was another guy standing next to me that I was chatting with a bit, then he took off, but I ran into him again on the way to the car, so that was cool :).

Phil Lesh looks like how I imagine Dan at 70.  They replaced Jerry Garcia with his clone, seriously, he must have been vat grown, he looked like a 25-year-old Garcia, and sounded like him and guitared like him and all that.

Bob Weir looked like a hobo.

They played only about 10 songs (edit, found the playlist, actually 18 songs, but the last 10 only had one break between the music), but the concert was 3 hours long including the encore, which was a 15 minute version of “Touch of Gray”.

Beauty.  I stink of weed though now, thanks kids.