That didn’t last long.  I decided that getting little bits and bobs out would just bore everyone, so I’ll digest my entries instead.

Wednesday (aka Day 3) was another bike in with Dan day.  Work, met Dan to taste test Kichesippi beer, work,  home to eat and change, then I went to the book launch of Hiking Trails of Ottawa, the National Capital Region, and Beyond. The author, Michael Haynes gave an interesting talk, and answered questions before signing copies for us.  I went on my own, and I felt that I possibly was the only person there that didn’t previously know Michael.

Thursday: another day, another bike in with Dan.  On Thursday, I reminded myself the hard was about integrating changes from one code base when you have one of the to-be-integrated-into files open for edit.  For those that don’t know, it doesn’t actually work the way you think it might.  That night I was supposed to go out with people from work for dinner and drinks, but it was a rainy evening, and I was on my bike, and I had to pick up my suit from the cleaners, so I begged off, and ended up going to IKEA and having bright ideas about storage, and a hot dog and lingonberry juice.  I also fixed the fiction section of my library.  It is very neat and streamlined now.

Friday:  I got the keg for the Phoques party.  Pretty good stuff! I robocleaned the pool.  I discovered that it doesn’t do a good job of cleaning up the dead algae, but it could be because I didn’t put the filter back on properly after cleaning it the last time.  I helped Dan move his deck frame back in place, then I went back to IKEA after making the requisite measurements and bought some new storage shelves.  Now I can make the non-fiction section of the library neat and streamlined.

After all that, Dan and Maria picked me up and we went to Dennis and Rachelle’s wedding!  Very fun, but it was kind of lonely being there on my own.  I also got a new DSL modem! Just in time for the weekend! 🙂

Saturday: Team Awesome was supposed to go to Penny’s Fudge Factory, but it was pouring out, and I was hung over from the wedding, and when Dan called saying that he didn’t think he was going to make it, I shouted hallelujah, and went back to bed.

I put the shelves together, bought food for the party, chatted with my family (finally!) and watched soccer.

Sunday: Party!!!  Whooo!  It was a good day for it too, sunny and warm, with a good turn out, good burgers, warmish pool and good times.

Good times are always accompanied by bad times, so I had trouble sleeping with an upset stomach.  Boo!