Already halfway through day two, wtf? These things race by, and you have to grab on and hold tight or you miss everything… It doesn’t help that today has me changing hotels, picking up a defcon badge, going to a book signing and generally trying to keep my shit together.

Talks that I’ve been to have been a little hit’n’miss:

• Macs in the age of the APT had some good stuff, but the wrap-up, comparing Windows in the enterprise vs. Macs seemed to be a recap of marketing info, rather than things they actually tested.

• I enjoyed Nakibly’s talk, but from the questions it seemed that he didn’t get his point across as well as he should. Too bad

• Kaminsky rocked, as usual. Though I found his talk a lot more rambling than usual.

• Apple iOS security evaluation reinforced my opinions about Apple’s security measures.

• Pulp Google hacking introduced me to… please don’t go there.

I also went to the pwnies and the reception. Then I felt sick, and missed the other parties. Too bad.