BlackHat ended as it usually does for me, with a whimper. As I previously mentioned, I had given myself many side tasks to accomplish that day, and I got a bit focussed on them, regardless, I managed to see some great talks, including Chris Paget’s talk on Vista, Richard Thieme’s talk on the perils of losing ourselves in the moral abyss of the dark side of security, and Moxie’s talk on SSL. I missed the last two talks of the day, to no fault of my own, other than a willingness to tag along… A combination of bad navigation and poor memory turned a five minute drive to the discount liquor store up the street from Caesars into an hour long odyssey. I’m pretty sure I saw Polythemus on the way.

Pizza for supper and then off to the Haze nightclub for the Microsoft party. Dual Core played. I have a soft spot for nerd core, and they play nerd core to the extreme. Alas, that was the highlight. We took off and prepped ourselves for DefCon.

I intended to speak about day one of DefCon here, but I am just back from Hofbrauhaus, and fairly treed, so I’ll save it for tomorrow and instead go dance at the black ball going on right now!!!