I forgot to close my curtains when I went to bed, mostly thanks to the abrupt way I went to bed. Thanks to that, I woke up to blazing sunshine. Ahhh. Good thing too, as my sweet called me a few minutes hence.

I managed to find food and then sat through four consecutive talks before the urge to move got to me, and I ended up at the outlet mall looking for Papillio sandals for my sweet and general bribes^h^h^h^h^h^h gifts or the little ones.


Went to two talks about web services which were pretty good, an Litchfield’s talk which is always good. After that it was weaponizing cyber-psychology which while fun in places, I don’t think they got their point across well, as my buds were a bit, “so what?” by the end of it.

Trip to the mall took too long, and I was too late to get into an insider’s look at cyber security threats and trends but I used my ability to watch things on tv to catch it. Go me! I watched the next talk live, and fell asleep. Oops!

After that food, then beer then Penn & Teller. Lotsa fun, and they played up to the Conners. Totally wiped by the end of it, so I didn’t go to the pool party, though I might as well have. The pools are right below me, and the music pumped til at least 12:30. I ended up watching hacker jeopardy on the tube, and concluded that I had to get in on that next time. I knew all the answers!

Finally, at two am the fire alarm ( or something ) went off for a good five minutes. Fun! I’m up now, posting this during the PIG talk, but I am not here yet.