BlackHat was good to us this year. Instead of standing in the 10000 strong line with my DefCon voucher for a few hours, I picked mine up between talks at BlackHat in roughy 13.6 seconds.

I love DefCon. I don’t know why I don’t just come here every year regardless of whether work sends me. It’s super cheap, and always a good time. Hopefully my phone hasn’t been pwned, but I have tried to keep my comms secured. We’ll see. Highlights:

• Twenty minutes after the DOS talk yesterday, all POS, hotel registration, and phone card systems went down. Coincidence?

• Despite knowing that over ten thousand people would be descending on the casino, the operators maintained their regular Friday schedule, meaning that most restaurants weren’t open until four. Garrr! Hacker hungry!

• Talk are a mixed bag, all of the super-hot talks on day one I saw at BlackHat already. Of the ones I saw, I enjoyed “Familiarity Breeds Contempt” the most.

• Did the obligatory trek to Hofbrauhaus, a trip that used to be so easy when the con was in Alexis Park. Oh well. Ate schnitzel, drank huge beers, took part in the stein holding contest. Came in sixth, better than I expected. Came home, posted that last post and immediately fell asleep on the couch, missing the black ball. Oh well. White ball is tonight, maybe I’ll manage that one!