Going to bed early is harder than it seems! I have tried to hit the sack by 10:30pm every night, and only succeeded once. That one time I tossed and turned until midnight so I will not deem that a success. I have woken up early every day, and have had at least an hour to myself each morning. Note that this makes me very tired and cranky. Hopefully the going to bed early bit will kick in soon. I have managed to write and the crankiness has not seeped through, yet. Yet.


I’ve starting walking at lunch, but it has hurt. The temperature dropped this week and I suffered the last two days at -20C. Today in comparison was absolutely balmy.


Wheel of Time, despite its immensity, has engaged me. I have finished 20% of EotW, and I expect to accelerate once I stop working. This might be tempered by a pile of books that have been on my waiting list at the Library that are all suddenly waiting for me at my branch.

Japan 2005 279

Working is hard/easy, because I can see the finish line ahead of me in two weeks  (Aside: I listened to the Sweden/Finland world junior semi-final game on the radio, and smirked every time the play-by-play announcer said that a Swede had crossed the Finnish line).
PS: Dan says I don’t have enough pictures in my posts. Better?