I’ve started biking to work! 22km and 65 minutes later, I had cold toes (from not wearing booties), rosy cheeks, and an attitude of superiority.

It was extremely fresh when I left this morning, -3C outside and -8 with the wind, which as always was in my face the entire ride. My usual route is still under a bit of snow, so I decided to stay on the road the entire trip. I should have, but didn’t end up doing any route finding before I left, and ended up taking a bit of a roundabout way of getting to Baseline. I’ve now looked it up, and I will be cutting about 1.5 km from my return leg. I’m hoping that unlike later in the year, the wind doesn’t change direction in the afternoon, as I would like a nice push home.

Another thing that I did differently on this ride is ditch my headphones. I don’t mind wearing them on the paths, but I do not feel comfortable with them in on Baseline. My solution? A handy battery-powered speaker that plugs into my player’s headphone jack. I could listen to my music and still be situationally aware.

Note to Dan: I also solved the scarf problem.  I have a beard.