I did my first long bike ride of the season. It was not too ambitious, but it was good because it highlighted areas that I have to improve on over the course of the summer.

I cycled from my house to Penny’s Fudge Factory in Fitzroy Harbour.  It was 76 km in total and I completed it in 3 hours and 45 minutes “running time”.  This included actually stopping in at Penny’s, and several breaks I took along the way.

Areas of improvement:

  • Ensure that I have a phone with me (I left mine on the bench as I was packing my satchel).
  • Ensure that I know where I’m going (I took a wrong turn and added 6 km to my trip).
  • Ensure that I apply my sunscreen properly (I missed three spots, and they are extremely tender now).
  • Ensure that I don’t lollygag at home when I have a 4 hour ride ahead of me (I was out in the middle of the day, hence the massive sunburn and slight sunstroke I felt at the end of it).
  • Ensure that I know if the place I’m heading to is open (I reached Penny’s only to find a “We open May 1st” sign out front. Happily, Penny (I assume) was selling fudge bunnies for Easter).

That’s it.  I also wish I had my camera with me.  When the family goes away this summer, I might pick myself up a cheap one, so I don’t miss out on some nice shots that I could have taken.